About Us

Ventract, LLC (“Ventract” or the “Company”), is a live reverse- auction bidding platform that allows property owners/managers, developers, contractors and supply vendors the opportunity to compete in real-time for jobs and supplies. This format enables a subscriber to achieve the most competitive results in a timely manner. An example of a reverse auction process would be a property owner looking to renovate or upgrade. Once job specs are uploaded to the site, all existing subscribers (contractors) would have the opportunity to compete for the particular job by bidding through the live reverse auction platform. The property owner/manager would then have the opportunity to select the most competitive bid based on price, user reviews, previous work done, etc. Likewise, the contractor has the opportunity to seek the most competitive pricing by bidding out their supply list.

Whether you are a property manager managing fifty buildings with thousands of residents, a single home owner or a municipality managing a request for proposal (“RFP”) or request for qualification (“RFQ”), searching for a qualified professional can be a daunting and time consuming task. Ventract allows them to upload photos, videos, architectural drawings, and/or a written job description that will assist a contractor to better ascertain the scope and magnitude of the job they will be bidding upon. With just a click of a button, Ventract allows one to send an unlimited number of contractors a job description for bidding and within minutes, contractors can start competitively bidding on the job in order to achieve the most cost effective, trusted, and timely solution. In addition, this approach eliminates the need to physically visit or individually contact multiple vendors in search of the lowest price for an item or service. Ventract allows for the user to request an item or service and requires all interested vendors or suppliers to bid directly on the item through the reverse auction procedures.

We believe by allowing Contractors to upload their material/supply lists through the reverse auction bidding system, this in turn will allow Contractors to receive competitive pricing as well as save time and money.

Ventract offers the user an opportunity to showcase or profile themselves at no cost through the Ventract Profile Pages. The profile setup provides the user with an ability to see all bidding activity taking place throughout the Company platform. It also enables other users to view information pertaining to a respective Ventract user when evaluating that user for hire or other reasons. User profiles will also contain reviews regarding work history or other related performance history.

In the year of 2010, the founders of Ventract saw the need to incorporate the sale of services into the Internet in a way never before seen. Ventract brought in the concept of having service providers bid online in real-time to win over clients. Ventract believes this concept of having service providers bid for jobs online can only stimulate competition where it lacked before. While generating healthy competition, Ventract is also stimulating higher service quality, affordability for all, accessibility to more jobs, and lowering costs for everyday materials needed for any type of job.

We at Ventract recognize that everyday web-users are not just online consumers or the uprising marketing voices, as seen with the increase of the social networks, but web-users can also be the new source of new jobs. When looking to hire licensed professional, web-users can now reach out to contractors who would never have a chance to hear about these jobs before. Through Ventract, clients can now hire professionals for many types of services and as easy as a click away.

Ventract was officially introduced in the end of 2011 as the revolutionizing online bidding platform for contractors of all specialties, for property managers, facility/public housing managers, and for homeowners and business owners. The goal is to get all businesses out of the “Contracting” business and into the “Ventracting” Business.

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